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Lutz B1-B2-B3 Battery
Lutz B1-B2-B3 Battery, a powerful battery series with wireless power for professional use in industry
Versamatic Rockstar pneumatic flap valve pump
Rockstar - Plastic flap valve AOOD pump
Versamatic - Air double diaphragm pumps
VERSAMATIC manufactures globally pneumatic double diaphragm pumps that are the standard in terms of performance and quality for customers looking for reliability, fast delivery and convenience.

The A. Demori group celebrate 120 years of life!
The A. De Mori Group headquaters are located in Milan where the company owns a building
of approximately 2.600 sqm and a warehouse of 1.600 sqm.

In 2021, the group recorded a turnover of approx. 46 MM Euro. It has a highly skilled staff
of more than 80 people, as well as more than a hundred sales, reps and engineers who
work as independent dealers.

Ystral Blatt-TDS
New Batt-TDS™ series of powder dispersing systems for the development and industrial production of electrode slurries for lithium-ion batteries.
Trolley B1 & B2 Trolley
Trolley B1 & B2 Battery, mobil filling station with battery pump of 10,8 V
Flow meter TR3
Lutz Turbine Wheel Flow Meter TR3 with housing shock protector, variable display alignement and larger volume flow range.

Sodimate Polymate Power Plant + Polymer Plant
Polymatic P is a polyelectrolyte preparation facility for powder flocculants.

Polymatic E is an installation of polyelectrolyte preparation for emulsion

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